We do maintenance and repairs to violins, cellos and bows, including bow rehair!!!

We sell great violin and cello strings at a good price!

The aim of this site is to advertise our own instruments we wish to sell. All the instruments here are second hand. They have been used for our professional work for different lengths of time. That is why you will find only one or two violins or cellos for sale at a time. Most of the instruments are in pristine condition. We believe that musicians (students and professionals) in South Africa could find and purchase some excellent handmade violins, cellos and bows at very affordable prices on this site.

We import our instruments directly from violin makers in Bulgaria and China for our own professional use. Each violin or cello offered for sale here is carefully selected before it is shipped to Durban, South Africa. Once received in Durban, the instruments are all used by us for our professional work for different lengths of time. When we decide to sell one of our instruments we evaluate it once again before the selling price is established. Our violin specialist is Petya Koleva, principal second violinist with the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra. Our cello specialist is Kolio Kolev, cellist with the same orchestra. Some of the instruments which will appear for sale here will have label inside, some of them not, but all of them will look great and sound great because they have been initially chosen according to our own high standards for our own professional use. The sound samples which would be available for some of the instruments are recorded at the City Hall in Durban, which is renowned for its excellent acoustic properties. One RODE NT5 microphone is used.

We have made the process of buying a violin or cello very easy for you.

Once you have seen an instrument that you want to try, you have to pay for it in full up front. The instrument is then shipped to you. You will have one week to try it and decide whether you want to keep it. In the rare occasions you do not want to keep it, you simply return the instrument to us in Durban and we will give you a full refund the same day we receive the instrument. The instrument must come back to us in its original condition. Violins and cellos are shipped to any location in South Africa.

Should you wish to see more than one instrument before you decide which one to keep, our representative Kolio Kolev will make an appointment to come and bring you a few of the violins or cellos available for sale on this site.

Should you wish to come to us in Durban to see all the violins or cellos available for sale, we will give you one night free accommodation at a three star guest house in Durban. We will arrange access to a large rehearsing room with fine acoustic properties for you to try the instruments.

Important facts you need to know about this enterprise.

We only sell instruments that we own ourselves, and used ourselves for different lengths of time. We do not sell violins and cellos owned by other people for a commission, but we could make an offer to buy your instrument if we like it enough. Should you wish to offer your instrument to us, you need to email us very good quality photos of the front, back and the scroll (head) of your violin or cello together with its history where available.

We only sell violins and cellos, but we can assist you to order a viola directly from a selected makers in Bulgaria or China too.

Orders for violins and cellos made to specific requirements are also accepted. We can assist you to deal directly with the maker, but in this case we cannot guaranty a good price as most of the makers give us very preferential prices.

Most of our violins and cellos for sale are stocked at our premises in Durban, but occasionally we will have instruments available at premises in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This web site will be regularly updated giving you a clear indication of what is available and where it is stocked.

Our guaranty to you

We will buy back any violin or cello you have purchased from us, provided it is in its original condition and delivered to our premises in Durban. However, we will have to charge you a rental fee for the time the instrument has been in your possession. A sale contract will be drawn up and the buyback price, terms and conditions will be specified for each violin or cello individually.

Should I buy new or old violin?

There is no simple answer to this question.
We have seen so many bad old violins, but we have seen some very good old violins too. Our opinion is that each violin has to be evaluated on its own merit.
No matter old or new, if it is well built, in good condition, and sounds good, it should be classified as a good violin.
However, we would always advise that a new good violin is better value for money than a similarly good old violin.
Firstly, it will be priced very favorably. Secondly, there is a very good chance the good new violin will become even better after being played for a while. Thirdly should the maker become really famous the value of his violins will increase dramatically.
Thus, the purchase of a good new violin makes a lot of sense to an advanced student or young professional, who wants to enjoy a good instrument at a fraction of the cost and room for improvement, which might turn out to be a great investment too.