Cello Bows for sale

Cello bow Carbon fibre


This is the best quality carbon fiber cello bow. Master craftsmanship, great performance, stiff but flexible, perfect balance, superb responce, very easy to use.

Size:Cello4/4 Length:716mm Weight:80+-2g Mounted:Sterling Silver Frog Slide:Abalone Shell Frog Eyes:Parisian Eyes Shape:Round Hair:Top Mongolia Horse Hair

Carbon fiber bows are great! I use one myself for my professional work as cellist. I love it! I would never go back to a wood bow. I prefer my carbon fiber bow to the R30000 Pfretzschner I have.

Cello Bow

Cello bow stamped H R Pfretzschner


This is an excellent cello bow, made in Germany around 1950. This bow is in immaculate condition.

Cello Bow Pfretzschner - frog cello Bow Pfretzschner - point